How to Apply

Application Steps

Before you apply: Determine whether you are eligible (i.e. RCSI Undergraduate students only).

Find a suitable project: You may be interested in working on a specific project or with a specific mentor, alternatively you can find inspiration by reviewing the research areas of the website at to identify your preferences and interests.

Once you have chosen an research area which you are interested in, approach a Principal Investigator within your chosen area to ask if they might have a research project available for you to undertake this summer or if they would be in the position to work with you on preparing a project and submitting an application with you to the RSS.

Remember to give yourself time to complete this process as PIs can often be very busy or may not have a project available so finding a mentor can take time.

Complete the application form online.

Use the official application form only – unofficial copies are acceptable for the application.

Preparing a Strong Application

We receive a large number of applications and because of the competitive nature of the application process, it is important for your application to stand out and to make an impression on our reviewers. While preparing your application have a passion for the discipline and demonstrate an interest in the chosen project

All communication regarding the RSS should be sent to the email address