How to Apply

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RCSI Research Summer School Student Scholarships 2017

Opening Date:       7 February 2017

Closing Date:         22 March 2017

Details:                  All applications are made via the link: RCSI Research Summer School 2017

The RCSI Research Summer School invites applications for Summer Student Scholarships from undergraduate students in the Schools of Medicine, including Graduate Entry, Pharmacy and Physiotherapy to support their participation in research during the summer months in 2017. The RCSI Research Summer School (RSS) is committed to supporting and nurturing our undergraduate students by offering them rewarding research experiences for the enhancement of human health. Our intention is to encourage and support our undergraduate students in carrying out biomedical research in the dynamic context of RCSI’s Research Institute Strategy for a period of eight weeks during the summer. Through the RSS programme, we reveal the passion of RCSI researchers to our students while they are undertaking their research project. We train our students in ‘hands on’ research techniques and provide them with the skills for critically assessing current research and communicating their own research findings. We aim to make their research experience relevant to their undergraduate education. Our aspiration is that our students continue to be ambitious and curious in biomedical research and continue to engage in it beyond their graduation.

Who should apply?

Students who have identified an RCSI research supervisor and are available to participate in the Research Summer School Programme.

How can I apply?

Applications should be submitted through the following link RCSI Research Summer School. In addition, you will also have to include a 1 page Curriculum Vitae (CV) and a completed signature sheet, which is available on the RCSI Research Summer School Moodle page.

When is the deadline for applications?

The deadline for submission is Wednesday March 22nd 2017 at 17:00.