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SULogoInternational Research Summer School 2015


RCSI’s first International Research Summer School (IRSS) took place in the summer of 2015 at RCSI’s Dublin campus and at the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Soochow University (SU) in Suzhou, China. Six undergraduate students from each institution travelled to their associate institution to participate in eight-week research exchange projects. RCSI’s students include representatives of the Schools of Medicine and Pharmacy from the Dublin campus and from the School of Medicine at RCSI’s Bahrain campus. They exchanged with counterparts from the Schools of Medicine and Pharmacy in SU.

The aim of the IRSS is to aid in both sets of students’ professional and personal development by providing them with scientific and clinical research skills as well as valuable intercultural experience, which is so greatly valued in today’s workplace. Students (pictured below with their host Principal Investigators) carried out pharmaceutical science and drug delivery research projects and gainedvaluable skills such as scientific writing and presentation, problem solving and clinical study design. They also gained an insight into the different clinical environments of our two countries, through visits to each institution’s partner hospitals.

Founded in 1900, Soochow University is ranked in the top 5% of Chinese universities and is located in the ancient city of Suzhou in China’s Jiangsu province, a densely populated and industrialised region close to Shanghai. SU is one of the Jiangsu provincial key comprehensive universities with over 4,000 faculty members including 1,100 professorships. SU has a strong culture of internationalisation and has collaborations with over 100 universities in 30 countries.

The 2015 IRSS project was led in RCSI by the School of Pharmacy in collaboration with the RCSI Research Summer School and in SU through the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences. The IRSS is RCSI’s second interaction with SU since the signing of a Memorandum of Academic and Research Collaboration in April 2015, and follows the joint appointment of RCSI’s Prof John Waddington as Professor of Pharmacology at SU College of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The IRSS kicked off on the June bank holiday weekend. Students at both locations met their host PIs and lab buddies and participated in some fun touristic activities (see pictures below). You can learn more about the RCSI students and the IRSS in Soochow University through their weekly student blog .


IRSS WelcomeSU students arrive at RCSI and attend a welcome lunch with RCSI staff, PIs and lab buddies.